From master planning and conceptual engineering, to detailed development budgets and comparative cost analyses, Wuest Groups’s experience allows us to provide an intelligent, objective study of your proposed project’s overall feasibility.

By looking at every feasibility study from the owner’s perspective, we develop a clear and conscious understanding of the project’s viability.  We justify its cost-effectiveness under a range of circumstances and evaluate the project’s potential for success and determine the best path forward.  With a focus on identifying risks, developing creative and viable options, and leveraging capital, your goal is ours: a comprehensive cost/benefit picture and a successful project.

  • Site Feasibility Studies
  • Site Assessments
  • Entitlement Research
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Utility Availability Analysis
  • Conceptual Land Planning
  • Yield Determination
  • GIS / CAD Graphics
  • Drainage Feasibility